The Advantages Of Google Plus For Businesses Large and Small

Let’s be honest. Google Plus is clunky and unattractive. It’s no Facebook or Twitter.

But despite its flaws, all businesses should be using it. Ignore it at your peril!


Because it’s Google!

Since when have you ever known the search engine giant that is Google plough billions of pounds into something that wouldn’t be useful in some way?

Some people pass Google Plus off as Google’s attempt to be the next Facebook, but I think Google knew all along that they weren’t about to replace or even compete with the world’s biggest social network. They wouldn’t waste their time and hard earned cash on it for that reason alone.

What Google Plus is, however, is a useful and growing business tool. Here are some of the main advantages the network offers for businesses of all shapes and sizes:

You Can Improve Your Content Search Engine Rankings

One of the unique advantages that only a social network powered by Google can ever offer is better search rankings. That means the content you share ranking far higher, often on the illusive first page of Google, in searches for related terms. Here’s an example using one of our clients, Oxford College of Marketing’s Faculty of Procurement and Supply:

Procurement cost drivers google search example

As you can see in the above image, I searched for key words relating to some content I had recently shared on the Faculty’s social media accounts. The content was taken directly from their own blog, however the result which featured on the first page of Google, 4 results from the top spot, was the Google Plus post. The blog post itself doesn’t appear anywhere on the first page for this search. If this content had not been shared on their Google Plus page, it wouldn’t have been seen on the first page.

You Can Claim and Edit Your Google Local Listing

Google Local is like the new Yellow Pages, again powered by Google. When someone searches for your company name on Google Search, the local listing containing all the information about your company comes up in a box on the right of the page.

What this box contains is determined by what you put on your Google Plus page. Google will automatically generate this listing for any company that has a website and registered business address, but it’s only editable if you have a Google Plus business page.

Here’s an example of our client Oxford College of Marketing’s Google Local listing:

OXCOM google local listing

As you can see, it displays their location and contact details, recent posts and any customer reviews written by Google Plus users on their business page.

You Can Get Ahead Of The Competition

While Google Plus’s user numbers are shooting up and activity is gaining momentum on the social network, many businesses are still hesitant to get on there.

In essence, it’s a win-win situation at this stage for businesses. The likelihood is your competitors still aren’t on there, so any potential new customers on there are all yours! If your competition is on there, that’s even more reason why you need to jump on the band wagon and establish yourself with your potential customers on the network, before your competitors win them over!

Either way, at this stage where the network is still growing and while businesses still don’t necessarily understand how to use it or why they should use it, it’s the best time for you to strike. Get on there now and find your feet while it’s on the up, and when everyone else catches up with the trend and start to join the network you will already be a seasoned user with an established presence.

All in all, Google Plus isn’t going anywhere and ignoring it is no longer a viable option for businesses. Taking advantage of it at this early stage in its growth will allow you to reap the unique rewards it can offer and find your feet before your competitors do.

Fancy your chances and want to get started on Google Plus? Great stuff! Contact us today and we’ll help you take advantage of the growing Google Plus network!

Still not sure? Feel free to chat with us about your concerns and we will go into more detail about how Google Plus and social media in general could benefit your business.

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