Why Your Marketing Emails Never Make It To The Inbox

Email marketing can be an effective way to make direct contact with past/potential customers. Just one problem…

Getting past those pesky filters!

Whether it’s Junk or Spam folders, or even Gmail’s latest Promotions tab that you are trying to avoid getting caught up in, there are a few key tricks of the trade that you can apply to seriously improve your email’s chances of landing in the inbox.

Be Subject Line Savvy

Only the first 35-50 characters of the subject like on your email will be visible in the inbox, so for starters it’s important to keep it short and sweet. The longer it is, the more likely it is to get spammed.

But on the other hand, anything shorter than 5-6 words can often be considered spammy.

Other spam indicators in a subject line can be special characters, the use of all capital letters, and the use of “spam words” (read the full list of spam words here). For the record, it’s also wise to avoid using too many spam words in the main email content as well.

The key to the perfect non-spam subject line; keep it short, simple and relevant!

Avoid Using Headers, Red Fonts and Large Headlines

These may seem a bit random, but when you consider for a moment the last promotional or newsletter email you received… makes more sense right?

Many companies use header images and large headlines to grab the attention of the reader upon opening the email, and the colour red is commonly used to highlight calls to action or offers. That would work a treat, if the emails were actually reaching the inbox to be opened!

All of those things have been flagged as many email service providers as the key indicators of promotion or spam! The emails that win over the spam filters seem to be the ones that look most like a typical email, with no header images or obvious ploys to grab the eye.

Keep Your Email Database Up To Date

Performing regular checks on your email database to ensure all contact emails are up to date and in use is a simple but effective way to combat low open rates and high bounce rates.

The rate of opens and the bounce rates your email campaigns get are monitored by your third party email marketing service and the email service provider, as they are considered to be indicators of whether or not your emails are spam. Continuous low opens/high bounce rates could land you on the blacklist, from which there is no return!

Use a Reputable 3rd Party Email Platform and Get ‘White-listed’

3rd party email platforms such as Comm100, Dotmailer or Mailchimp will handle their reputation as part of their business. They do this by blocking any users that they consider to be sending potential spam.

By doing this, they then build a good reputation with email service providers and get ‘white-listed’, the opposite to ‘blacklisted’, meaning they are automatically approved as a trusted email sender and emails sent via them aren’t spam checked. Meaning you get a 1 way ticket to the inbox!

You are also ‘white-listed’ if you ask subscribers to add your email to their contact list, so you should encourage them to do that too!

Make It Easy To Unsubscribe

No we haven’t gone mad! The truth is, sometimes people just don’t want your emails any longer. Making it really easy to unsubscribe by placing the option right at the top of the email means that everyone is happy. The user can unsubscribe and stop receiving the email, and your email doesn’t get marked as spam or just deleted without opening (as sign of spam to email providers). It also doesn’t hurt your open rates.

Email spam filters are tricky things, but once you know the key to getting around them your email campaigns will have an improved chance of reaching the inbox and being opened!

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